WE RUN 313

Founded on May 4, 2019, WeRun313 is the premier run club of Detroit. It is the fastest-growing club in the state. Our slogan Connect. Run. Build is what we believe in, it makes the club unique. The “Connect” is what makes the club stronger, it gives us a powerful sense of unity and connectedness. “Run” is what brings us together. It is the essential piece of what we do physically and mentally. The feeling after pushing your own limits unlocks a higher level of self-love and awareness. “Build” is what keeps us together, supporting one another, building relationships, and strengthening our community, on the common goal of being better runners and overall better humans.

"I've been with the group since the very beginning, and I can't put into words the joy that it has brought me. Everyone is so welcoming and positive. There's room for people of all skill levels. The club members went from strangers to family in the matter of weeks! I love my team, I wouldn't trade them foe the world!." - Aaron Barnet
"I've been running with the club for several weeks. It's added a lot of not only joy to my life, but new found friendships and sources of support. Great group of people. I drive nearly an hour to make it to the runs, and it's worth the drive each every time." - Neeko Little
"Yes we love this group! This is definitely my other family! This group has taught me so much about myself! It has helped me to be consistent, have self control, in tune with myself, losing weight. Running has become my therapy and safe haven thanks to this group! I went from never running to this will be my 3rd month running with them!!" - Ky Gibson